West End Primary School

Principal’s Message

Dear Parents/Guardians,

It is with pleasure I extend to you, as parents, a warm welcome to the family of West End Primary School.  We look forward to a long, happy and successful partnership.  Our staff are always willing to discuss your child and his/her progress and we welcome your interest and concern.  If you do happen to have a problem, please make it known to us at once so we can deal with it quickly.  Although our staff will do their utmost for all the children in their care, if your child is helped, praised and encouraged at home, then our task in school becomes a more productive one.  I hope that the following information will prove helpful to you.

When your child starts in school, you as a parent, become part of our school family and partnership.  You must never underestimate your part in your child’s education.  You can help your child to have a happy and exciting time in school and can help them to achieve their full potential.

The following list suggests what you, the parents, can do to support your child in their learning:

  • Give them clear guidelines of what is expected of them in their behaviour and learning in school.
  • Please try to ensure that you give your child plenty of praise when he/she does something well.  Children love to be praised – they thrive on it.
  • Always expect high standards from your child.
  • Encourage and develop a love of books in your children by reading to them and with them at home.
  • Help them to care for equipment such as toys, construction kits, pencils etc.
  • Encourage them to learn to tidy up after themselves.
  • he/she did in school today.

If you take an active interest in your children’s education and school, they will develop a favourable attitude to school and all that goes on there.  They will see school as being worthwhile and of benefit because you take a keen interest in school and because they see you supporting the school in a variety of ways.

Mrs. Su Aaron-Abel
Principal, West End Primary School

Principal Mrs. Su Aaron-Abel