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The Parent Teacher Association exists to support the core work of Prospect Primary School. 

The Association is a registered Not for Profit Organisation (NPO).

The PTA, as its name suggests, is made up of Parents and Teachers but it also includes the wider community and friends of the school. 

All parents and staff are automatically members of the association.

The PTA has a steering committee the PTA Executive who are elected by the membership.

The Executive Committee works closely with the Principal and School Staff to align their energy, work and support with the aims and objectives of the school. 

Through fundraising activities, practical support, volunteering, through advice and advocacy the PTA and PTA Exec. support the work of the school. 

Without the support of the PTA many key events, like Sports Day, The Christmas Concert, Heritage Day, Leavers Ceremonies, The Year Six School Journey or buying vital resources, would not be possible. 

The PTA also works to recognise and support the tremendous work that the staff of Prospect Primary School do. 

The PTA meet on the last Tuesday of each month. The meeting is an open meeting and comprises of information sessions, updates of the work of the school and practical discussions as to how the PPS Community can support the work of the school. The meetings also provide a forum to discuss any issues effecting the school.

  • President of the PTA - Mrs. Reisan Mointen 
  • Vice President of the PTA Mr. David Howells
  • Treasurer - Mr. Patrick Smith
  • PTA Secretary - Mrs. Samantha Ransom
  • Staff representatives Ms. Harris, Ms. Ebanks-King and Ms. Arlet 

The Executive Committee also has a number of key sub committees:
  • Fundraising (chair: mariska Blackman)
  • Sports Committee (Supporting all sports and teams within the school) (Chair: Taneisha mason)
  • Public Relations (Publishing the work of the school and PTA) (Chair: Faith Geely)
  • Uniform Committee (Running the Uniform Shop) (Chair: Nichole Powell)
  • Year 6 Committee (Leavers Ceremony, Banquet and Year 6 Journey) (Chair: Marva Reid)
Any questions or queries for the PTA can be sent to the Principal who will then pass tehm on to the PTA Exec.