About the Parent Portal

Parents, or those with parent responsibility for students at the school are given access to the school Parent Portal. This secure website provides a general oversight of the student giving access to school data such as attendance and conduct.

Because the parent portal contains student data which is not publically available, access to it is protected log in security. If you experience any problems with accessing the Parent Portal the following links may be helpful:

  • Change My Password

    Use the button above to change your password to something memorable.

    You will be taken to the parent portal log in page and need to know your current password to complete this process. The new password will need to meet password security requirements which are.....
  • Reset My Password

    Use the button above if you have forgotten your password and need to reset it.

    Please note that its not possible to reset your password unless you have set a password security question. If you have not done this and need to recover your
  • Support - Get Help

    Use the button above to get help from support.

    If you have issues accessing the parent portal and are unable to resolve them please use the link above to connect with support and request assistance.