Dear Parents and Community,

I hope that this finds you all well.

It was a strange and unexpected end to the week, I am sure for many of as it was for us it was stressful and filled with uncertainty.

For the next few weeks school is closed, but it is important that students keep up with their studies and keep a regular learning routine.

Parents you play a vital and active part in maintaining this continuity.

On Friday we sent home  'Home/school Packs' with about ten days work for your child, at the time we put these together we had no idea how long schools might be closed for they were designed to provide useful work while we looked at longer term contingencies. For that reason we kept the packs as general as possible, providing a range of activities at various levels across all core topics such as English Maths and Science.

It is particularly important that students read EVERYDAY, they need to read to a grown up or older brother and sister for 15 minutes everyday as well as reading to themselves.

Hearing you read to them is equally important.

Spending 30 minutes a day working with them on this is the single most important thing you can do for them over the next few weeks.

Next comes the important practice of multiplication tables.

All students must know all the multiplication tables, and their related facts from 1x1 to 12x12 by the time they leave Year 4.

If they do not, then they have some catching up to do!

If you do not do anything else at least ensure these two vital aspects of learning take place EVERY day.

Click here to follow a link to resources and materials that we have placed on this site to help you continue your child's learning during this time. These resources include:

  • A range of links to excellent web sites which can be used to assist you with the learning. (Children were all given Passwords for IXL which we use for Maths practice).
  • For students in Reception to Year 2 I recommend Phonics play for letters and Sounds. Abc Ya has a range of educational games too please check it out.
  • I have included 2 suggested time tables, one for younger children, one for older - you will need to adapt it to your particular circumstances but it gives you a starting point. Remember structure is important. Children will really benefit on knowing how long they have to work for.
  • Included is also a social story which will give you a tool for talking to your child (particularly the little ones) about CORVID-19.

1:1 teaching can be quite intense and is very different from the classroom environment.

Aim to cover some writing, reading, sounds and maths during this time spend between 30 - 40 mins to hour on each subject, you will need to adjust this according to your child's needs.

Perhaps plan in a chance for you guys to grab a 15 min break to have snack and a movement/brain break before you go again.

Thank you to everyone who has contributed to this pack I hope you find it useful.

More will follow. 

Kind regards


Mr. Matthew Read

BA(QTS), MA, AST, NPQH, FCOlT, MColT, Chartered London Teacher