Layman E. Scott High School

Principal’s Message

I am thrilled to welcome you to the Layman E. Scott Sr. High School community.

The Layman E. Scott Sr. High School, formerly Cayman Brac High School, has for the past five decades, provided exceptional education and training for students who enter its classrooms after their exit from Cayman Brac’s two primary schools as well as from schools overseas. The school has remained steadfastly committed to its mission of providing students with the requisite skills, knowledge and training that will enable them to contribute meaningfully to the success of the Cayman Islands and by extension, making them global citizens. The school also takes pride in its quest to ensure that all students are able to achieve their own personal goals.

As the current Principal, my team and I remain committed to that goal, which is explicitly outlined in our mission statement. That goal overtly seeks to ensure that every student enrolled in our school graduates from this institution, having achieved their full potential.

That commitment to the mission is not one held in isolation but is shared by all stakeholders. I am honoured to work with a team of professional, dedicated staff, who take tremendous personal pride in the accomplishments of their students; providing caring instruction and mentoring to all students entrusted in their care. I pay tribute to the band of committed parents, who provide support and maintain an active PTA to foster collaboration and ensure adequate provision is made for their children. This is further enhanced by a community, eager to assist in meeting the needs of the school and its students.

We are truly proud of our many accomplishments. The excellent results obtained in external examinations are a clear measure of how we are performing in relation to the goals identified. Additionally, our students have consistently excelled at various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities demonstrating the comprehensive nature of the instruction provided at our school. Each year students are awarded for their performance in areas such as debating, Spelling Bee, oratorical contests, literary competitions, athletics, Junior Achievement, art competitions and the National Children’s Festival of the Arts. In several instances these students have the added recognition of being chosen to represent the Cayman Islands at the regional level.

The school promotes an ethos of dedication and determination with appropriate support and encouragement so that students can progress toward the desired outcomes. Despite the size of the school, students are provided with a range of compulsory subjects in the lower school, which sets the foundation for the 16 option subjects available in the upper school.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions, suggestions or concerns. Again, I am delighted to welcome you. I look forward to your support and participation as together we continue the tradition of excellence at Layman E. Scott Sr. High School.

Devon Bowen

Principal Devon Bowen