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Nov 17
The Class of 2017 graduates

​We bid farewel to another group of students in June 2017.  

Nov 17
9G is Homeroom of the Year for the 2nd Year in a row

At the Awards Ceremony held in October this year, 9G was once again named "Homeroom of the Year."  They received the Cayman National Bank Trophy and a treat at the Cayman Brac Beach resort valued at $500 and also sponsored by Cayman National Bank. 

The Homeroom of the year award seeks to collectively reward the efforts of groups of students.  A points system is used to award points to a homeroom based on the collective efforts of all students in the homeroom. This includes the following areas:

Academic Average, Effort, Conduct, Attendance, Punctuality, Merits, Class Service Projects, Conduct and Participation in Assemblies. Points are deducted for behaviour incidents.

The Homeroom with the highest number of points is named Homeroom of the Year.  Well done to 9G. 

May 19
Careers Fair 2017

​The 2017 Careers Fair was held on March 17, 2017 in the school hall.  Students were exposed to a variety of Career Choices and had the opportunity to talk with the experts and the practioners in the field. This year, Years 5 and 6 students from both Brac Primary schools were able to join us for the fair.  A number of organizations and businesses organized exhibits and were on hand to provide information and answer students' questions. It was another successful event in the preparation of our students for the world of work.  The event was organized by Academic Vice-Principal, Mr. Devon Bowen. 

Sep 30
10th Annual Awards Ceremony

​The Layman E. Scott Snr. High school will be holding its 10th Annual Awards Ceremony on Friday October 9, 2015 starting at 1pm.  The school will be celebrating and rewarding the efforts and achievements of students in the 2014-2015 school year in a variety of areas including academics, leadership, citizenship, attendance and punctuality, extra curricula involvement, effort and conduct.  All are invited to come and celebrate with our students as we strive to encourage and motivate them to achieve their true potential.  The event takes place in the school hall.

Apr 29
Parent Portal – coming autumn 2015

​Communication is the key to ensuring the whole school community is working together to boost pupil achievement. By enabling online access to the schools information management system via the new Web Portals, parents, teachers and pupils can access and share information instantly and securely, anytime, anywhere.

For Parents

Easy access to school dat​a​

Parents will have access to attendance data, assessment marks, attainment and behaviour records so they can be more directly involved in their child’s lea​rning.​

Accessible via tablet & mobile browser​

Compatible with tablets and smartphones so even the busiest parents can access information. Mobile browser views can include attendance, behaviour and timetables.​

​​Enhancements to ho​mework

Parents can better support homework progress by being able to view the assignments and resulting stat​us, including whether it was handed-in on time and the teachers comments and assessment mark.

Online data collection from Parents

Parents can update information records online, ensuring that the school is alerted to changes in personal or contact details.


Apr 27
Inter-house Mathematics Quiz 2015
The Annual inter-house Mathematics Competition was held this year on March 31, 2015. The main sponsors for this year's competition were Ernst and Young and KPMG.  It was another successful competition. The teams came out with a positive attitude all bursting with enthusiasm to win the 'surprise' first place gift of an iPad mini generously donated by Ernst and Young. All competitors received gifts but the iPad minis were given to each member on the winning team. 

This years' competition has been considerably extended so that students in the audience could win small prizes of i-Tunes cards, Mobile top-ups and USB flash drives. Hurricane house emerged as champions for the senior division with team members John Tomlinson, Katherine Tatum and Tamishura Dilbert.  Northwester emerged champions for the junior division with team members Rajiv Roberts, Amanda Ferguson and Kassandra MacDowell.  

The purpose of the competition is to raise interest, appreciation and overall standards of achievement in the subject.  This initiative came out of a Mathematics Department  Improvement plan five years ago and has been successful in achieving its objectives.  This combined with other initiatives, has helped to increase the number of high level Mathematics passes in the school to as much as over 80% in the last school year. 

We are indeed grateful to Ernst and Young and KPMG for their support and look forward to the continued support for years to come.

Apr 27
Healthy Breakfast Day 2015

The Food and Nutrition students held a Healthy Breakfast day on March 18, 2015. The event was used to promote the importance of having a healthy breakfast in the mornings.  It also served the purpose of providing an opportunity for the students to prepare healthy breakfast meals demonstrating skills learned in the Food and Nutrition programme. It was a successful project and all students and staff at the school were provided with healthy and sumptuous breakfast that morning.  Funds used towards the project were raised through activities by the students.  The event is an annual one.

Apr 27
Rotary Debate 2015

The semi-final of the Fred Speirs’ Debating Competition took place between Layman E. Scott Sr. High School and Cayman Academy on Wednesday, April 15, 2015. Proposing the moot, “Cell phones should be allowed in schools” was Layman E. Scott Sr. High School. In what was undoubtedly a very competitive debate, our school emerged the winner. Representing our school were Katherine Tatum, Abijith Anu and Amanda Ferguson who argued the need for administrators to stop pushing against technology and for them to embrace it instead. The finals will take place on July 1, 2015.  St. Ignatius High School will propose the moot,  "The Cayman Islands should set a date for Independence from the UK, to be no later than the year 2025" while our school will oppose.

Apr 27
Career Fair 2015

Throughout the day's proceedings, students were exposed to a wide array of career options through direct interaction with experts in their various career fields.

Local companies and entrepreneurs were invited to set up booths and share their business acumen with students; with the specific purpose being students getting exposure to the career opportunities available within the Cayman Islands.

Chief among the exhibitors were:

  • District Administration
  • Brac Reef Beach Resort
  • Department of Tourism
  • Health City Cayman Islands
  • Annie's School of Beauty, Arts & Technology
  • National Workforce Development Agency
  • Cayman Brac Power & Light
  • Cayman Islands Careers Advisory Services
  • Mosquito Research & Control Unit
Apr 23
Keynote Address – LSHS Awards Ceremony 2014

Ms Demi McLean, graduate of the class of 2007, addresses students at the 9th Annual Awards Ceremony of the Layman E. Scott Snr High School. Ceremony was held on October 10th, 2014.

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