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Year Six School Leaving Exercise at Marie Martin Primary School

The Marie Martin Primary School bid farewell to the Class of 2024 June 19, 2024 with the theme “Embracing Change, Achieving Dreams.” MOE Acting Chief Officer Ms. Lyneth Monteith delivered remarks on behalf of the Premier and Minister for Education Hon. Juliana O’Connor-Connolly. She congratulated the school leavers and encouraged them to spread their wings, nurture their talents, chase their passions, and never stop dreaming big.

The event featured a special guest speaker, Charles Russell, owner and manager of McCruss Group Ltd., and a proud and accomplished graduate of Marie Martin Primary School. Mr. Russell delivered an empowering speech to the graduates, addressing the theme and challenging the children to embrace the inevitable changes ahead and strive for their dreams with determination and resilience.

A key feature of the programme was devoted to highlighting parents for their ongoing partnership in their child’s education. The three top awardees for the year group were Mr. T. Hernandez, Mrs. K. Wright, and Ms. N. Ebanks.

The ceremony also honored the valedictorians, Daniel O’Connor and Tianna Wright, who both delivered heartfelt speeches reflecting on their primary school journey and expressing gratitude to their teachers, families, and peers for their unwavering support.

Special awards were presented in various categories, recognizing the diverse talents and hard work of the students. The categories included:

  • Academic Achievement
  • Academic Excellence
  • Model Student
  • Attendance
  • Sports
  • Spanish
  • Music
  • Young Gentleman of the Year
  • Manners Award

In addition, subject-specific awards were given for outstanding performance in Writing, English, Math, and Science, celebrating the students’ dedication and excellence in these areas.

Shemar Bodden was presented with the Young Gentleman of the Year award, recognizing his exemplary behavior and character. Anthonino Scott received the Manners award, presented by the Young Gentleman leader, Mr. Johnson, for his outstanding courtesy and respectfulness.

A standout moment was the presentation of the SOY (Student of the Year) award, which was awarded to Timothy Campbell. Timothy was recognized for his remarkable resilience throughout the school year, embodying the spirit of perseverance and determination. He also received the prestigious Alicia Thompson Award, further acknowledging his exceptional character and contributions to the school community. The SOY Award was proudly presented by Ms. Marie Martin, former principal and in whose honor the school was renamed in February 2024.

The student of the year was Deputy Head Girl, Tianna Wright, who has consistently excelled in academics, leadership, community service, and school involvement. She played a key role in securing much-needed resources for the school as part of her manifesto in her quest for leadership.

Year Six teachers Mr. Barclay, who has been with the group for five consecutive years, Mr. D. Fisher, Ms. K. Williamson-Wright, and Ms. Fisher, were saluted by Principal Danvers for their commitment and unrelenting quest for excellence. Mr. Fisher was specifically commended for supporting the students with extra lessons, a testament to his dedication.

The master of ceremonies for the event were Thierry Simpson and Calista Levy, under the skillful guidance of Mrs. Williamson-Wright. Special music was arranged and directed by Mr. Roniel Reid and Ms. M. Wilmott-Parker.

The decoration and ambiance were well-coordinated by Ms. Wilmott-Parker and her committed team, adding to the overall elegance and festivity of the event.

In attendance were notable figures such as the Director of Education Services, Mr. Mark Ray, and Dr. Richard Wildman, SSIO for Marie Martin Primary. Also in attendance was the Deputy Director in charge of teaching and learning, Ms. Tammy Hopkins. Other SSIOs, DES staff, and HR representatives also graced the occasion, showing their support for the graduates.

Parents expressed appreciation and joy as they watched their children receive recognition for their hard work and achievements. In her address, Principal Danvers challenged the parents to be more involved and present in their children’s educational experiences, especially during the high school period. She also mentioned that this group of students has been the most respectful, responsible, and had the least amount of behavior incidents compared to other Year Six groups.

The school extended a special thank you to all the key sponsors, especially Le Blu, for sponsoring ten awards including the Student of the Year. Ms. Desrine White was at the event and presented the award to the proud recipient, Tianna Wright.

The Principal also shared with the audience that Ms. Carol Gopaul, Deputy Principal, will be retiring at the end of this academic year. She expressed profound gratitude to Ms. Gopaul on behalf of the Ministry of Education, DES, PTA, and the school in general for her commitment and dedication to the education system. Ms. Gopaul has given 20 years to the system and was gifted two special plaques in recognition of her service.

Special thanks were also extended to the security officers, cleaners, and canteen staff for supporting the event in remarkable ways.

A special prayer of commitment was led by Pastor Kevin Danvers for the school leavers and their families.

The school wishes to express gratitude to Quick Images, Ms. Caroline, the PTA Executive Body, staff, parents, and students for making the event a success.

Here are some of the pictorial highlights of the ceremony.