Creek & Spot Bay Schools

Our History

Creek & Spot Bay Primary School is located on the eastern side of Cayman Brac. The school is on split sites with the Infants (Nursery to Year 2) at Creek and the Juniors (Years 3 to 6) at Spot Bay. A nursery class and the After School & Holiday Care Program were added in October 2019, and the present enrolment is 23 students. Also, the Beacon Learning Centre (BLC) was established in January 2018 and presently, the staff cater to the needs of two (Junior students) of Creek & Spot Bay Primary. The Creek & Spot Bay Primary School has 102 students from Nursery to Year 6. Approximately 51% of the students are female, and 49% are male. The school’s student population consists of various nationalities: Caymanian, Jamaican, Honduran, American, Guyanese and Pilipino, supported by a diverse staff from the Cayman Islands, Jamaica, Britain , Trinidad, Barbados, Philippines, and Canada. There are 25 students on the ALN Register; 5 on Teacher Action, 13 on School Action, and 7 on School Action Plus. These numbers represent approximately 24% of the student population.

Before the amalgamation of Creek Primary School and Spot Bay Primary School in 2003, they operated as independent schools with their own Principals, staff, students, and Parent Teachers Association (PTA). However, they sometimes had combined Christmas programmes.

The Spot Bay Primary School was the first school to be established on Cayman Brac, and it housed students from various districts. That structure was built in the early 1930s and now housed the Agriculture Department in Spot Bay. Classes were held within the building and under the shady trees. The buildings that now housed the Creek & Spot Bay Junior School were constructed in the late 1960s. Some of the past Principals before the amalgamation were Frederick Oliver Hill, Basil Parchman, Mr. Ragnanan, and Brian Wilson.

Creek Primary School was built in the early 1950s and that building now holds the music room and library on the Creek campus. The Beacon Learning Centre was once the principal’s cottage for Creek Primary School.. Like the Spot Bay Primary School, classes were held within the building and under the shady trees. Later, additional classrooms were built. Some of the past Principals prior to the amalgamation were Islay Conolly, Ercelle Connor, Georgene (McCoy) Lazzari, David Holmes, Trevor Ebanks, Richard Barker and Mexi-Ann Grant

In 2003, Creek Primary School and Spot Bay Primary School amalgamated to form Creek & Spot Bay Primary School on two separate campuses, Infants at Creek and Juniors at Spot Bay. The Infant school was led by Mrs. Tammy Banks-DaCosta and the Junior school by Mrs. Janice Bradshaw. When Mrs. Tammy Banks-DaCosta was promoted to Learning Community Leader (now Senior School Improvement Officer) in September 2008, Miss Claudette Lazzari became Acting Principal of Creek & Spot Bay Primary (Infants). Ms. Lazzari was confirmed in the post of Principal in September 2009. Change again took place in August 2014 when Mrs. Janice Bradshaw retired and Ms. Claudette Lazzari was given the task of leading the two school sites. She was assisted by Deputy Principal, Mrs. Margaret Juman who was also the full-time Year 6 teacher and Senior Teacher, Miss Melanie Scott, full-time Reception teacher. Mrs. Juman was promoted to non-teaching Deputy Principal in August 2018. Sadly, Senior Teacher/ Reception Teacher Miss Melanie Scott, passed away in December 2020. In August 2021, Ms. Claudette Lazzari retired and Mrs. Margaret Juman became the principal of both sites.

The school is supported by the Ministry of Education, the Department of Education Services, the Senior School Improvement Officer (SSIO), Mrs. Tammy Hopkins, teachers, Interns from District Administration (Cayman Brac), parents, community members and various stake holders.