DES Registration Guidelines for ALL Students.pdf (PDF - 201 KB)

DES Student Registration Form -Revised -2.docx

DES Student Home Language Survey Form - 2018.docx (DOCX - 111 KB)

Immigration Confirmation of Student Residential Status - Fillable.pdf (PDF - 136 KB)  - This form to be completed for Non-Caymanian students.

Government Schools Transfer Form.pdf (PDF - 604 KB) 

Transcript and Grades Request Form (Fillable Form).pdf (PDF - 218 KB) - Payments to be made at the new Government Building - Treasury Department - 1st Floor.

Home Schooling Approval Standards.pdf (PDF - 176 KB) 

Home Schooling Application Form.pdf (PDF - 328 KB) 

Cayman Islands Government School Withdrawal Request Form.pdf (PDF - 205 KB) 

School Bus Behaviour Code.pdf (PDF - 270 KB) 

Pre-School ECAP Funding Form.pdf (PDF - 269 KB) 

Policy for Dealing with School Complaints.pdf (PDF - 664 KB) 


REQUEST FOR USE OF FACILITIES (CHHS Form).docx (DOCX - 56 KB) - Please use this form if requesting the use of facilities at the Clifton Hunter High School.

Application for Licence to Teach.pdf (PDF - 58 KB) 

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