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Oct 19
JGHS welcome MLA's to the school

​The Principal and our Head Boy, Head Girl, Deputy Head Boy and Deputy Head Girl welcomed members of the opposition to JGHS on Tuesday 17th October. The MLAs listed below discussed many topics with staff and students and addressed Year 7 in an assembly before conducting a workshop with the Pupil Leadership Team.

Honourable Mr. Ezzard Miller, Leader of Opposition and MLA for North Side
Mr. Arden McLean, MLA for East End
Mr. Anthony Ede, MLA for Savannah
Mr. Alva Suckoo, MLA for Newlands
Mr. Chris Saunders, MLA for Bodden Town West
Oct 19
Year 7 Music Concert - JGHS singing loud and proud

​A great evening was had by all as students in year 7 sang and performed at the first concert to be held in the new gymnasium. As well as the Academy choirs and individual items the Year 7s were supported by the school choir, the JGHS Rotary Central Swing Band and the JGHS Walkers Steel Pan Band.

May 13
Cricketers demolish all before them!

JGHS made it two wins from as many starts, when they defeated CHHS at the Smith Road Oval on May 10th by 7 wickets. After losing the toss and being asked to take first strike, JGHS batsmen Romell Turner and Revaughn Johnson started like a house on fire, hooking, pulling and driving the pedestrian bowlers to all parts of the ground. Johnson was the first to go, cutting at a delivery outside off-stump and getting a faint edge to the keeper for 8. This after the pair posted 26 in 3 overs, with Turner being the aggressor. In walked Leroy Malcolm Jr. carrying the genes of Chris Gayle and Glen Maxwell all in one, as from ball one, he announced in no uncertain manner his intentions; hitting 3 consecutive boundaries with one ending up close to the Credit Union building. The pair put on 76 runs for the second wicket, with Turner hitting 8 boundaries in his unbeaten 43. The umpire Mr. Cuffy applied the mercy rule used in softball and asked Turner politely if he could retire his innings. Malcolm ended on 21 which included 3 scorching boundaries, one of which almost removed the hand of one of the fielders. JGHS closed their innings on 97-3 in 14 overs.

When CHHS batted it was almost immediate disaster, losing 2 wickets in their first over. They continued to lose wickets steadily due to some controlled bowling by Brian Taylor 1-6, Leon Harris 3-1, Revaughn Johnson and Melisa Morgan 1 wicket each. CHHS folded for a measly 45 in 8 overs. Next game, Tuesday 17th against Cayman Prep at the Smith Road Oval. Big up JGHS!

Words kindly provided by E. Grey

May 10
Sunshine Smiles

JGHS Key Clubbers recently brought 'sunshine smiles,' to the adorable faces of students at the Tiny Tots Academy, in Grand Cayman.

The Key Clubbers, led by their Vice President – Monina Thompson, were equally delighted to participate in this event, as they  read, reminisced and relished the memories of stories such as: 'Little Bear," "A Bag of Pups," and "It's A Party."

The   student readers described the experience as exhilarating, fun, momentous, relaxing and satisfying. They expressed their eagerness to participate in future activities which will provide them with the opportunities to offer voluntary services to the elderly and the young in their community.

Indeed, these Key Clubbers are a shining example of the caliber of young people who attend the prestigious JGHS and who will ultimately continue to impact the Cayman Islands positively.

Written by: Opal White

Mar 15
JGHS “BOLTS” First Place in SeaPerch Challenge

And it came to pass that on the 12th day of  March, in the year  2016,   that  'The Bolts'  from John Gray High school, sojourned to the Grand Cayman Beach Suites to participate in the first ever SeaPerch Challenge competition in the island of Grand Cayman.

Armed with weapons of enthusiasm, with and talent Jai Dixon-McKenzie, Zeb Yanez-Bush, Ethan Stewart, John Tatum and Najae Gordon  led by their  teacher – Mr Desmond White, smashed the hopes, chances and aspirations of  their opponents from neighbouring private schools as well as two teams from UCCI.

Lo and behold, at the end of the competition a crown of victory was bestowed upon the heads of the sons of JGHS and they will journey to the Louisiana State University, to participate in the finals of the sixth National Sea Perch Challenge on the 20th and 21st days of the month of May, 2016.

Congrats Bolts!! We are rooting for you!!  


Written by: Opal White


Mar 11
JGHS Students meet Josiah Alexander, Grammy Awards Nominee

On February 26th, 2016, we were graced with the presence of jazz pianist Joey Alexander at The First Baptist Church. This child prodigy, Josiah Alexander Sila, hails from the city of Denpasar in Bali, Indonesia, to parents Denny Sila and Farah Leonora Urbach. Alexander learned about jazz by listening to classical albums his father gave him. When he was six, he began to play a composition by ear and his father began to teach him the basics, being an amateur musician himself. Alexander later said learning the instrument came naturally for him, and his parents, who are Christians, consider his talent "a gift from God".  He has performed live at the Premiere Ceremony, the pre-telecast ceremony at the Grammy Awards, and has been nominated for the Grammy Awards, in the following categories; Best Improvised Jazz Solo, and Best Jazz Instrumental Album.


Before this concert, I'd never known about Joey Alexander. All I knew was that he was a child prodigy. Sitting in the pews in the top floor of the church, we awaited patiently, some not-so-patiently, for his arrival. He'd arrived fashionably late, by some standards, wearing black pants, a Beatles shirt with a grey coat over it, and seemed fairly excited judging by his movements. The MC had mentioned he'd be playing some improvisations of songs as well as several other compositions he'd been preparing. I hadn't expected much from this kid; I thought he'd just be another classical-genre pianist that they labelled a child prodigy.


But when Alexander's fingers hit the keys of that piano, it was like entering the world of music for the first time. All these colors vividly jumped out at me, as he played an improvised jazz version of Amazing Grace, which he stated was fitting as he was performing at a church. It was absolutely amazing, and I felt proud he'd been able to burst through my expectations and achieve a much higher standard in my book.


He stood up after finishing his second piece, and the MC accepted questions from the audience for Alexander, who was eager and friendly to everyone and anyone. After answering a couple of questions, the MC suggested that the audience suggest a song for Alexander to improvise with. The song that was eventually chosen was "Happy Birthday". Alexander took his place at the piano, and thought for a bit before his fingers returned to their muse, the piano.


It amazed me that such a simple tune could have been switched into gear from one genre to another on a totally different level! A simple melody became a jazz improvisation in mere seconds. It was a truly remarkable feat, a spectacular remix of a popular song that everyone knows and loves.


Alexander's compositions are on a whole other level from what I've been used to seeing from prodigies, especially in the jazz genre. He released his first album, "My Favorite Things", at age 11, and is the first Indonesian act to ever enter the Billboard 200 chart in the United States, where his first album debuted at number 174 in May 2015, and later re-entered at number 59 in January.


I'd never seen anything as awe-inspiring as that in all my life. I'd seen people perform almost as professionally as he did, but his techniques were on a whole other level. It was something like out of a fairy tale; almost so difficult to believe that it shouldn't be, yet it is. Joey Alexander is truly a prodigy, and may God bless his talents.


written by Jazmin Sanchez, 9TG

Mar 07

The day was overcast with a light drizzle and a chill in the air but athletes were soon heating up the track at the JGHS Annual Sports Day event held on February 26, 2016. The proceedings started with the much anticipated cheerleading competition which saw last years' winners, Dolphin Academy, being unseated by Marlin who had been positioned last in 2015. Tarpon came in third behind Wahoo who, by all indications, had been a strong contender for the top spot. The competition however was as fierce as it was flamboyant and an excellent start to a stunning exhibition of athletic prowess by John Gray's finest athletes.

As the event got under way, it was clear that Tarpon was in their usual element as they were able to 'hold fast' to the top spot by medaling in most of the races. However, with athletes like veteran sprinter Nakiiyah Siarsingh and young star Javon Facey 'leaving it all on the track'; it soon became apparent that Dolphin would overthrow Wahoo for a strong second place. Wahoo and Marlin were undaunted however as cheers rang throughout the complex until the end of the event.  Undoubtedly, Sports Day 2016 was an overwhelming success that left all academy supporters looking forward to next year's battle.




Written By: Nicola Lawrence

Feb 25
JGHS Welcomes Our New Principal

​A warm welcome was given to our new Principal Mr. Jon Clark as he was introduced to the staff on Wednesday, February 24, 2016. He spoke with enthusiasm about taking up his new role and looks forward to getting to know each and every member of the team.

Nov 04
JGHS Boyz2Men takes on RCIPS

The Boyz2Men program of John Gray High School and the Royal Cayman Islands Police Station went into collaboration October 30, 2015 and hosted a football match at the Annex Field. The boys were excited to play against the Police officers; the match was a blending of experience, strength and skill. The boys out played the Police officers but at the end, goal scoring is the aim of the game and the Police was successful in a 1-0 result.

Apart from the game itself it was a terrific opportunity for the boys to see the authority in a different light, this we hope will expel certain negative outlooks the boys may have.

The boys look forward to taking on the Police Officers in another match soon.


Oct 21
Inter-Secondary Spelling Bee Preliminaries

​Tonight Ashley Ebanks, Alec Harding, Aria Gooden and DeAndre Wright will represent John Gray High School in the Spelling Bee Competition at 6pm at the Mary Miller Hall. We invite you to come out and support our participants as they have been working pretty hard to prepare.


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