Read Write Inc. Spelling

Read Write Inc. Spelling is a robust, fast-paced, systematic spelling programme for students in Years 2 to 6. The programme is structured to reflect the requirements of the Cayman Islands National Curriculum (2019) and for students to achieve those objectives. The programme uses a proven approach, underpinned by phonics and which builds upon students' prior knowledge and understanding of phonics from their learning in Key Stage 1with the Read Write Inc. Phonics programme. 

Read Write Inc. Spelling supports the aims of the National Curriculum to ensure that children: 

  • spell new words correctly and have plenty of practice ins pelling them, including exception words and homophones 
  • spell words as accurately as possible using their phonic knowledge and other knowledge of spelling, such as morphology (the study of the form of words) and etymology (the study of the origins and development of words) 
  • are supported in understanding and applying the conceps of word structure 
  • spell words that they have not yet been taught by using what they have learnt about how spelling words in English 

Why do we need a systematic spelling programme? 

The English language is one of the most complex alphabetic codes in the world. For example, the sound /ay/ is written in at least eight different ways: play, rain, make, eight, straight, reign, rein, break.