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Clifton Hunter High School :: News Blog

Oct 03
PTA Meeting


Sep 21
Shaving for a cause!!!!!!!!!!


Many thanks to all of the staff and students involved in the head shave this morning. It was a very positive, productive and humbling experience for all concerned.

Thanks to the security staff who controlled the entry into the hall and Mrs. Rhule who volunteered to support in the hall, very helpful.

The total amount is $2,306 which is a great achievement considering that the funds have come from the generosity of students and staff over a 10 day period. (Last year we raised $1,770). The aim is to increase our awareness, involvement and contributions every year.

Sep 21
Drama students visit Prospect Playhouse

Cayman Drama Society invited CHHS to the Prospect Playhouse on September 20, 2017. IMG_5266.JPG

Sep 21
Celebration of Success

Come and Join us on Thursday, September 28th as we celebrate the success of our students. This will be held in the Performing Arts Building starting at 5:30pm!!!celebration.jpg

Sep 18
Year 7 Parents' Evening

CHHS very first Year 7 Parent/ Tutor Meeting for the school year 2017/2018 will be on Wednesday, September 27 between 5 and 7pm!!!! Come out and be a part of the change!!!!!together.jpg

Sep 17
September is World Alzheimer's Month.

Every 3 seconds someone in the world is diagnosed with dementia. 

Alzheimer's is the most common form of dementia. 

Go PURPLE For A Cause!.....'It's Not Just A Month'

Clifton Hunter staff showed their support by wearing purple on September 15, 2017!

Follow ADACI (Alzheimer's and Dementia Association of the Cayman Islands) on Facebook


Nov 04
Edible Cell

Year 7 student, Natalia Pomare-Dixon, constructed an "edible plant cell" as her year 7 term 1 3D cell project.  Students in Natalia's class will enjoy th20161011_084453.jpge cell together as she presents her information. 

Nov 04
CHHS Anti-Bullying Day Tuesday 11th October 2016

Tuesday 11th October was designated Anti-Bullying Day at CHHs.

The day began with Anti-Bullying Assemblies delivered to Years 7, 8 and 9 by the team from the Family Resource Centre (FRC) where T-shirts and sunglasses wit20161011_085013.jpgh an anti-bullying logo were on sale. This event was visited by the ACEO.

A team of Year 11 Prefects and Peer Mentors led by Nicole Ewers held a bullying “drop-in” centre at lunchtime where any students affected by bullying could go and talk.

Simultaneously Mrs Thomas’s Drama group, who are currently studying bullying hosted a poetry workshop  in the drama studio.

Bullying is a serious issue that should always be on our agenda. Thanks to everyone who participated in this day and helped keep our awareness raised.

Susan Lees, Counsellor.

Nov 04
Year 10 Trip to Caybrew

A number of Year 10 business and science students attended the Caybrew factory on Tues 18th October during P1&2. The business students were there to learn more about the process of manufacturing and what actually happens in a factory. The science students were focussed on the scientific process of aerobic respiration, in this case fermentation, that is needed to make beer. Adam, one of the brew masters, was very informative and the students enjoyed their tour.P1030849.JPG

Oct 10
Year 9 internship program
A group of year 9 students visited  Health City on the Year 9 internship program. 20161005-PA050098.jpg
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