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Jun 06


Feb 26


Mar 25
Student of the Year Application Form 2018

SOY AWARD FORM 2018.docx

Click the link to download form

Jan 12
Staff Appreciation

 A huge thank you to Priced Right for donating Christmas baubles that were distributed to all staff to show appreciation for their hard work over TIMG_3957 (1).jpgerm 1. 

Jan 09
CHHS High School Musical

Clifton Hunter High School Musical.jpg

Nov 30
Hispanic Day


October 12th, 2017



 The Spanish Department of Clifton Hunter celebrated Día de la Raza on October 12th with its 2nd Hispanic Day.   Students and teachers alike got an opportunity to experience Hispanic culture through displays, dance, music, craft and food.  Parents and students contributed a wide array of typical dishes which students and staff were able to sample.  

Many students donned their national costumes and were on hand to converse with peers about the peculiarities and differences between their countries and the special cultural experiences one can have on a visit to the countries on display.  

Text Box: Students in National Costumes

Countries represented included Venezuela, Cuba, Honduras, Nicaragua, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Panama and Costa Rica. 

Marta Flores, assistant teacher at John Gray was on hand to demonstrate and perform a typical Nicaraguan dance. 




Students were enthralled and enjoyed this segment which she performed in her national costume.  In addition there was a special treat from Vashti Hurlston, a year 11 students, who performed traditional and popular renditions of select music pieces accompanying herself on the guitar.  She performed on the walkways, in academies and even for her principal in true Mariachi style with her somewhat shy vocalists.





Text Box: Vashti Hurlston Yr 11 and cousin Katya Hurlston


There was a wide variety of food prepared by parents who were eager to participate in this activity.  Many parents were on hand to offer assistance throughout the day and were keen to converse with students in their native tongue. 

Text Box: Teachers and students being served by the Yr 11 Spanish class









The event was well received by both staff and students.  It is held every two years and continues to grow with greater input from parents and students who are keen to show off their unique culture.  In the future the Spanish department hopes to engage other stakeholders in the activity which is festive and allows students of Spanish to explore aspects of Spanish culture beyond the classroom setting.



















Text Box: Parents were on hand to assist throughout the day





Oct 03
PTA Meeting


Sep 21
Shaving for a cause!!!!!!!!!!


Many thanks to all of the staff and students involved in the head shave this morning. It was a very positive, productive and humbling experience for all concerned.

Thanks to the security staff who controlled the entry into the hall and Mrs. Rhule who volunteered to support in the hall, very helpful.

The total amount is $2,306 which is a great achievement considering that the funds have come from the generosity of students and staff over a 10 day period. (Last year we raised $1,770). The aim is to increase our awareness, involvement and contributions every year.

Sep 21
Drama students visit Prospect Playhouse

Cayman Drama Society invited CHHS to the Prospect Playhouse on September 20, 2017. IMG_5266.JPG

Sep 21
Celebration of Success

Come and Join us on Thursday, September 28th as we celebrate the success of our students. This will be held in the Performing Arts Building starting at 5:30pm!!!celebration.jpg

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